Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

 In Iceland

When traveling around Iceland you can see waterfalls all around the island. Umi hotel is located on the South coast which is often referred to waterfall paradise. Below is a list of great waterfalls located close to the hotel and around the Southern coast of Iceland:

  • Skógafoss is 60 meter high waterfall in the river Skógá.
  • Kvernufoss waterfall is hidden away in a small canyon 1.5 km East of Skógafoss. A hiking path leads up to it from the car park of the Skógar museum.
  • Seljalandsfoss is a distinctive and one of a kind waterfall which you can walk behind on a narrow pathway.
  • Gullfoss is the most popular waterfall in Iceland to visist and is a part of the golden circle route.
  • Urriðafoss is a waterfall in Þjórsá River, Iceland’s longest river (230 km).
  • Þjófafoss is also part of Þjórsá, located East of Merkurhraun lava field.
  • Ófærufoss is a stunning waterfall in the river Nyrðri-Ófæra and falls into Eldgjá in two cascades.
  • Ægisíðufoss waterfall is in Ytri-Rangá, a well-known fishing river and has a salmon ladder.
  • Gluggafoss is located in the Merkjá River which has a few other waterfalls as well.
  • Fagrifoss is a 80 meter high waterfall in Geirlandsá River. FYI Fagrifoss is situated on the F206 road so a 4×4 vehicle is needed and the area is only accessible during summer.
  • Gljúfrabúi waterfall tumbles down from the Gljúfurá River (only a few minutes from Seljalandsfoss).
  • Svartifoss is a 20 meter high waterfall surrounded by stunning basalts columns. Located in Skaftafell national park and hiking to the waterfall takes about 45 minutes (one way).
  • Háifoss waterfall is situated near the volcano Hekla. Háifoss is the second highest waterfall of the island.
  • Hjálparfoss is a two stepped waterfall near the confluence of Rivers Þjórsá and Fossá

More information about South Iceland can be found at south.is/en